Meroe Pyramids Begrawira 3


'..... Mr. Takyo undertook his assignment highly professionally...... His photography skills, technically and composition-wise, were up to the UN standard..... We recommend Mr. Takyo for similar assignments without hesitation.'

UNICEF Pacific

'..... The Principal Photographer Naoki Takyo and his assistant came across as highly professional; punctual, accurate and detail oriented...... The products were delivered ahead of agreed deadlines and the image quality was superb that was well accepted by our clients.'

Ogilvy & Mather Ghana

'..... We highly recommend Naoki Takyo to any organization looking for a professional to handle the photography and memorializing their event.'

National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana

'..... Naoki has integrity, clear thinking, a sound grasp of photography and a positive sense of humour that makes him continually a pleasure to work with. One of those rare people you can work with to achieve the goals of all parties.'

Eurostar Global Limousine Group